RAMIRO ROSAS, Indoor Football

Four local football athletes and a basketball player were named Most Valuable Players when Diablo and East Bay Sports Leagues announced their all-league teams for the three high school winter sports.

Junior Rylie Velez of Clayton Valley Charter was the DAL Girls Offensive MVP and fellow Ugly Eagle schoolmate Edgar Castenada won the Boys award. Diego Ramos of North Coast Section champion Ygnacio Valley was the DAL’s defensive MVP. The EBAL De La Salle football titles had the player of the year in Ramiro Rosas.

Point guard Zach Schaffer concluded his fourth year on the Concord varsity basketball team with the DAL Valley Division MVP award. Schaffer missed the final two games of the season after tearing his anterior cruciate ligament. He was due to undergo surgery this week to repair the tear.

Northern California champion Carondelet Soccer had three all-EBAL first-team players in Ellie Ospeck, Jordan Young and Lexi Zandonella. Ospeck and Young earn the same honor for a second year.

De La Salle’s NCS Championship basketball team featured three EBAL-awarded players, two sophomores and one junior.

The Spartans EBAL and NCS winning wrestling team had six league champions earning First Team All-League honors as a result. Northgate won the DAL tag team title and four Broncos were in the all-league first team.

Diablo Athletic League (5 local schools), football, basketball, and wrestling athletes Carondelet and De La Salle get all-league honors:

Soccer Girls

LAD: Offensive MVP – Velez (Clayton Valley Charter); 1st Team – Jenna West (CVC), Natalie La Rue (Northgate), Julia Morgan (Concord); 2nd Team – Nataly Guzman (Mt. Diablo), Nayeli Torres, Abby Cheung (NG), Olivia Kreamer, Ally Liu (CVC); Honorable Mention – Chloe Herrera, Briana Diaz, Giselle Lange (Con), Daniela Perez, Alexa Avelar, Sasha Chaloner (CVC), Gisselle Covarrubias, Asley Renderos, Jessica Contreras (MD), Natalie Kenny, Caroline Welch (NG)

Carondelet: 1st team – Ospeck, Young, Zandonella; 2nd Team – Lizzie Vranesh, Hailey Fanner, Carissa Capinpin; HM-Maddie Winter, Annaliese Giusto

soccer boys

LAD: Offensive MVP – Castenada (CVC); Defensive MVP – Ramos (Ygnacio Valley); 1st team – Fernando Escobedo (CVC), Alex Lopez, Oliver King (YV), Anthony Fuller (Con); 2nd team – Max Loza, Isaac Morfin (CVC), Felipe Onian (NG), Lucio Santos (MD); His Majesty Yovani Villa, Salvador Quintero, William Basulto (YV), Kevin Hernandez, Miguel Diaz (MD), Nate Walker, Reece Gaines, Nikita Charov (NG), Bryan Rodriguez, Ezra Lara, Miguel Ruvalcaba (Con), Lincoln Adams, Porfio Perez, Justin Ellis (CVC)

Of the room : MVP – Ramiro Rosas; 1st team – Ben Parker, Seb Ramirez, Dominic Giusto; 2nd team – Gabriel Perez; HM- Max Ramirez, Sari Khleif, Matt Guichard


LAD: 1st team – Tony Hernandez, Cole Sanchez, Angelo Esposito, Hudson Blaney (NG), Anthony Hall, Andre Dargani (CVC), Carlos Herrera (YV); 2nd Team – Spencer Munoz, Francisco Espinosa, Cabot Batie, Nicolas Le Sieur (NG), Alan Diaz (Con), Casey Strand, Coleman Gonzales (CVS); HM- Vincent Sanchez, Matt Hayes (CVC), Jake Trees (NG), Jonathan Dang (YV)

DLS: 1st team – Ben Roe, Bobby Cuevas, Bradley Moore, Mario Franco, Lance Hackett, Gavin Fernandez; 2nd Team – Zavion Fernandez, Darin Guerrero, JT Earle, Conor Sweeney, Atri Feizi; HM Mateo Sandez

Basketball Boys

DAL buttress: 1st Team – Jayson Downs (CVC); 2nd Team – Clayton Mahloch, Luke Westermeyer (CVC); HM – Dylan Golan (NG)

DAL Valley: MVP – Schaffer (con); 1st Team-Mezziah Oakman, Trevion Williams (MD), A’dariyon Bennett (YV); 2nd team – Elijah Pecot (YV); HM- Devin Foo (MD), Dariyan Breaux, Koko Penev (Con)
DLS: 1st team – Miles Daniels; 2nd Team – Noah Clifford, Chris Bunch

Girls basketball

DAL buttress: 1st team-Ysobelle Eustaquio, Ami Barry (CVC); 2nd team – Susie Kresch (CVC); HM – Sydney Speer (CVC), Jaley Croy, Eva Smith (NG)

DAL Valley: 1st Team – Daralonie Sykes, Leniyah Fulsom (YV), Rachel Sanders (Con), Noelani Boyd (MD); 2nd team- Niamey Guillory (YV), Karen Ponce (MD); HM-Julissa Zazueta, Aliyana Lloyd (YV), Mahogany Seiber, Aaliyah Gaitan (Con)

Carondelet: 1st team – Annie Bonderer; 2nd team – Jayme Blackard; HM – Bella Zumbo, Kiana Wannamae