For a very long time, professional sports avoided Las Vegas because the city allowed match betting. This is something that every league prohibits its players from doing because, even if they bet on their own team or on games they don’t play, athletes betting on games create a bad public image.

Today, however, sports betting has become legal in a number of states where teams from the National Football League, National Basketball Association, National Hockey League and Major League Baseball play. All leagues have embraced legalized sports betting as a source of revenue and this has put Las Vegas on the table as a location for teams.

The NHL’s Las Vegas Golden Knights became the first high-profile professional team to move to Sin City when they began playing at T-Mobile Center in 2017. Located on the Las Vegas Strip, the arena was a huge draw, bringing fans to primarily Caesars entertainment (CZR) – Get the report from Caesars Entertainment Inc. and MGM Resorts International (MGM) – Get MGM Resorts International Report nearby properties.

When the Raiders moved to Las Vegas in 2020, it signaled the city could be used to leverage a better deal for teams unhappy with their home stadiums. This led to the former Oakland Raiders becoming the Las Vegas Raiders, and it appears to have opened the door for another team to leave Oakland for Las Vegas glitz.

The Oakland A’s Eye the Las Vegas Strip

The Oakland Athletics have been in active negotiations with at least five venues on or near the Las Vegas Strip. Now the MLB franchise is one step closer to a move to Las Vegas as its efforts to build a new stadium in Oakland appear to have failed.

The Seaport Planning Advisory Committee on Wednesday did not recommend ending maritime use of the Howard Terminal, a necessary step for the A’s to proceed with $12 billion waterfront development plans. The project would center on a $1 billion stadium,” the Las Vegas said. Review-Journal reported.

Essentially, the Athletics follows a similar path to the Raiders. Both tried to use Las Vegas as leverage to get new stadiums in Oakland. It clearly failed for the Raiders and seems to be happening for the Athletics.

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Either way, it’s also possible that the teams both wanted to move to Las Vegas — and the riches that await there — but want to show their fans that they tried to stay.

The A’s have a number of options in Las Vegas, with some buying the land on their own, others in partnership.

“I think there are benefits to being similar to the Raiders setup. Where you’re still in the Resort Corridor, but it makes it a bit easier for locals to get in. … But there are also some really exciting opportunities to “Being on the Strip. It’s kind of a Hallmark location,” A’s president Dave Kaval told the Review-Journal.

Why Las Vegas Really Wants Major League Baseball

The Raiders play eight home games each season while the Golden Knights play 41. Major League Baseball plays 162 games in a normal season, meaning future Las Vegas Athletics would play 81 games in Sin City (not counting the playoffs). appearances.

Professional sports draw people to the city and it pays off for casino operators on the Las Vegas Strip. Caesars and MGM properties around the T-Mobile Arena attract crowds of diners and gamers, as well as Knights games night guests.

Raiders games draw both fans of the San Francisco Bay Area team and fans of rival city teams to fill casinos, hotels and restaurants along the Strip. Major League Baseball would do that more often and probably with a capacity that’s about twice, maybe higher, than what you can pack in a hockey arena.

More sports teams also mean more opportunities to entice middle and high players with free tickets.

The A’s probably mean more to Vegas economically than it does to Oakland. That means a better deal for the team and leaving a small market for a bigger one that’s a tourist destination probably makes it a done deal now that Oakland has given the team the coverage they need.