New Delhi: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Gandhinagar is ready to host a cricket and kabaddi league – named Gandhinagar Loksabha Premier League 370, or GLPL 370, after article 370 – with the dual objective of encouraging sport at young people and connect them with the BJP.

The Gandhinagar constituency is represented by the Union Minister of the Interior, Amit Shah.

Harshad Patel, BJP chief of Gandhinagar Lok Sabha constituency, told ThePrint that 1,400 teams have already registered for cricket and 400 for kabaddi.

Pradipsinh Vaghela, secretary general of the party’s State Unity, said Shah was “Gujarat’s favorite figure” and that it was he who had invalid 370 revoke the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and therefore, the BJP decided to name the league after Article 370.

Yuva ka prem unki (Amit Shah) oor aur zyada badha hai 370 hatane ke baad. (The youth’s love for him increased all the more after the removal of section 370), ”Vaghela said.

Patel said the league’s goal is to connect as many young people as possible to BJP and at the same time increase their participation in sports.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi also highlighted the increase in India’s participation in sport. The purpose of holding this tournament is therefore to encourage young people to engage in any sporting activity. To start with, we started with cricket and kabaddi, but we will also have athletics tournaments, ”he said.

The league will be played between December and January.

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No more teams to join later

Patel said the idea is to have at least 2,000 cricket teams.

“A stand will function as a single team. So far, the idea is to have 2,000 teams. There are constituencies dominated by Muslims, so we’ll see how it goes. We have our Laghumati morcha (minority unit), which will also affect these constituencies, ”he added.

Currently, only male participation is allowed, the age limit being 18. “We want to motivate first-time voters to participate. The teams will be completely young, the upper limit being 25 ”, he added.

“We will currently only be hosting the events in the afternoons and we are also thinking of hosting something for the girls,” he said. “It will become a platform where young people can interact with the workers and leaders of the BJP and understand our party. ”

“Collective decision” to name the league after article 370

When asked if it was the Home Secretary’s idea to host the tournament, Patel said a meeting was held where Shah said the country has performed well in Olympic Games (2020) and that something had to be done at the organizational level.

When asked if the league name was also suggested by Shah, Patel called it a “collective decision”.

“The Gandhinagar Lok Sabha, which has 15-20 MPs, senior members of the organization decided that such a name would help convey a political message and connect young people to cricket and BJP as well. We hope that Amit Shah I am will be coming for the groundbreaking ceremony, ”Patel said.

Even though the idea is to encourage people to join the BJP, Patel said participants don’t necessarily have to be BJP supporters to play.

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