Georgetown businessman and sports enthusiast Colin Ming died Friday after sustaining several serious injuries in an ambulance crash.

The accident happened Thursday at the intersection of Thomas Road and JB Singh Road near the GDF headquarters.

Ming was the CEO and Director of Mings Mines Products and Services and the younger brother of famous businessman Stanley Ming.

He sustained injuries to his collarbone, chest and hip in the crash.

According to a police report, the ambulance driver claimed he was heading north along Irving Street with his siren and horns when the crash happened.

The driver told investigators that as he crossed the intersection of JB Singh and Thomas Roads, the motorcycle driven by Ming, which was heading west on JB Singh Road, collided with the right rear section. from the ambulance. The ambulance was carrying a COVID patient at the time.

Ming fell on the pavement and was injured in the body. Police said he was recovered in a state of consciousness and taken to Georgetown Public Hospital by emergency medical services.

The ambulance driver was taken into custody where a breathalyzer was administered but found no trace of alcohol.

Ming was initially listed in stable condition, but his diagnosis worsened Thursday night and he succumbed to his injuries Friday morning.

The businessman was a sports lover and was part of several sports organizations over the years. He was well known in the auto racing, squash and golf arenas and was also a motorcycle lover.