By Anthony Caruso III | Editor

Street Outlaws driver Chuck Seitsinger says he received a phone call from his children that will eventually land him in jail this year. As we reported on April 1, Seitsinger was sent to prison.

He was standing up for his beloved children when things finally took a turn this year.

Chuck Seitsinger prepares to make a pass during Street Outlaws No Prep Kings at Virginia Motorsports Park (Photo by Chuck/Death Trap on Facebook)

“Long story short, they needed help and I was in the hospital with COVID,” Seitsinger said in a video titled Chuck’s Out of Jail Judges and Grudges. “The children were with me all summer. I had really bad COVID and was sent to the hospital in intensive care. Their mother took them home. They had problems there. Things happened and I got a call. Being in intensive care, I wasn’t going to wipe anyone’s ass or anything.

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“Here we are a year and a half later, we were about to test drive the car and I received a misdemeanor charge against me. I was supposed to go to court that morning and sign papers for a non- misdemeanor plea challenge We agreed with the DA (District Attorney) but for some reason the judge thought I needed a tougher sentence and gave me a year probation Then he sentenced me to 60 days in jail.That’s when life changed in seconds.

He said he was preparing to test in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his team when he went to jail. Seitsinger said he only had seconds to text people before he went to jail.

As we reported, he got out of jail and drove to Virginia Motorsports Park in North Dinwiddie, VA. He participated in the second Street Outlaws No Prep Kings event.

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While serving hours in jail, he failed to make it to the Invitational on Saturday. He had to fight his way through for the first time. He missed the field by 32 cars.

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