“I love the Firebirds, that’s what this valley is all about,” said Tim Leiweke, CEO of Oak View Group.

Coachella Valley’s very first professional sports team officially has a team name, logo and color. The 32nd American Hockey League franchise revealed Friday morning that the new sports team will be called the Coachella Valley Firebirds.

“We wanted this name to represent this community and we wanted it to be a name when we say Firebirds they know we’re talking about Coachella Valley,” Leiweke said.

The logo was unveiled by co-owner Oak View Group near the construction site for the new arena north of Interstate-10 and Cook Street. The flaming red and orange bird motif is reminiscent of the Seattle Kraken logo, as the Firebirds will be the minor league branch of the NHL Krakens.

“The firebird logo is inspired by a spiritual descendant of the Kraken,” said Steve Fraser, president of Coachella Valley Arena. “A creature born from myth and legend.”

A second logo, showcasing the iconic Coachella Valley landscaping, features a palm tree surrounded by a field of mountains. The nine slingshots represent each of the nine towns that make up the Coachella Valley.

“It’s not a city. It’s not just one area, ”said V. Manuel Perez, District 4 supervisor in Riverside County. “It’s the whole Coachella Valley area and we’re all going to win. We are all going to win.

Stakeholders predict that the new arena will be the best for business in the valley, increase tourism, employment opportunities and overall income.

“That’s why it’s so important to us. This will provide the necessary income for everyone to earn, ”said V. Manuel Perez, District 4 Supervisor in Riverside County. “$ 300 million in investments, 1,500 jobs and $ 11 million in tax revenue per year.”

And also to be an epicenter of entertainment and extracurricular activities for the community.

“It’s more about what it does for the community,” said Hollywood film producer Jerry Bruckheimer. “This gives you another entertainment: professional entertainment. It’s also great for families. We’re going to develop leagues for young children, there will be figure skating, all kinds of great things. “

Bruckheimer hopes the arena will raise the next generation of hockey players right here in the Valley.

“The guys who are growing up and playing hockey are great individuals, amazing athletes,” said Bruckheimer. “We have great athletes in the Coachella Valley. We need to convert them to hockey.

The arena is expected to open in the last quarter of 2022, but Coachella Valley Firebirds merchandise is already available for purchase today at cvfirebirds.com.

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