Sandpoint High School’s E-Sports club started its season in mid-February and competed in Minecraft and Rocket League.

Nicholas Weisgram, Gavan Miles and Robert Newsom make up Sandpoint’s Rocket League team.

The team has struggled this year, according to club adviser Dalton Hawkins.

“They didn’t do too well,” Hawkins said. “(Robert) Newsom was struggling which gave the team a bit of a late start. The track has also started, which makes it difficult for children to compete.

Minecraft is where the Bulldogs excel. He plays “survival games” inside Minecraft servers. The game is based on The Hunger Games. It’s a 20 person player versus player game where they collect random loot and compete to be the last person standing.

“It’s super random,” Hawkins said. “You can search a chest and come out with a sword and armor, or you can take out a snowball and a chicken.”

The game has already received several reviews for its random loot throughout the first half of the season.

“It’s an RNG (random number generator) that’s not a good indicator of skill,” Hawkins said. “It’s useful for strategy because you need to know when to hide and when to come out and get kills.”

Players get rewarded points throughout the season based on their performance in the game. Each time a player reaches the top 10, they receive a point. Each elimination a player gets in the game is worth two points.

Junior Shirley Kin is the captain of the Minecraft team. His strategy and knowledge helped develop other players.

The Bulldogs are halfway through their season, and Hawkins says there’s still room for improvement, but the kids are having fun.

“They’re here to get player interactions and that’s really what this club does,” Hawkins said. “We’re starting to have a group of kids that are engaging, which is also helping.”

The latest addition to the Bulldogs’ competitive roster is junior Elliott Lowman.

Lowman plays virtual chess for the Bulldogs.

Lowman recently placed second in the regional chess championships and will compete in the state chess competition next weekend.

Sandpoint has reached the national playoffs every year since the program began five years ago.

Hawkins said that streak could end this year.

“Hopefully we can get back there, but I’m not too confident,” Hawkins said. “Sherily has played extremely well and can get there.