Essential sports applications for all sports enthusiasts

For sports enthusiasts, keeping track of a favorite sport can be difficult. Take basketball, for example, during the season there are three to 10 games to watch, each day. This profusion of games makes it difficult to catch them all.

This is where sports apps come in. Sports apps can keep you up to date with your favorite teams and sports in real time. But not all sports applications are created equal.

We’ve picked out the top four must-have apps for all sports enthusiasts.

Launderer report
Available on iOS and Android.

Whether you are following a specific team or athlete, Bleacher Report will give you all the real-time updates you need. All you need to do is configure the app to follow your favorite league, teams or players, and you will receive notifications about them.

The app doesn’t just give you updates from one source. It provides news, scores, photos and videos from all major sources. These sources include blogs, web portals, and print media.

You will always be up to date with sports news using the Bleacher report.

the score
Available on iOS and Android.

Users looking for news, sports updates and game analysis for their favorite teams will find all of these features on theScore.

Once you’ve selected the sport and team you want to follow, the app lets you view the team’s calendar. You can mark the important matches that you know you don’t want to miss. You will receive personalized notifications from the app based on your preferences, which include scores and news.

Available on iOS and Android.

You can’t have a must-have sports apps list without ESPN. Sports fans consider the sports network to be one of the best in the United States, if not the world. It’s no surprise that their application is as thorough as their shows.

Along with personalized sports notifications, ESPN offers users the choice of opting for paid subscriptions. Paid subscriptions allow users to stream videos from the app while on the go. These videos include more than just free highlights. They also give game analysis and access to specific shows you wouldn’t normally have access to.

Sports fans can associate ESPN information with Sbobet and improve their game play.

365 notes
Available on iOS and Android.

One beauty of an app that might not be as high profile as the other three apps we mentioned is 365 Scores. For those who like to follow live sports but can’t watch the matches for some reason, the app provides a 3D fun tracker. The second best thing to watch the game is functionality.

Like all the other apps we’ve mentioned, you also get personalized notifications based on the teams and leagues you follow, all in one place. You don’t need to surf aimlessly through the thousands of sports apps in the App Store.

These four best apps for sports fans will let you follow and stay up to date with the sports you love.

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