Simon Jordan got his hands on a range of businesses. He has been involved in magazines, television and radio, film production, and the sports industry. Jordan is one of England’s most recognized businessmen and football (soccer).

Jordan grew up being successful. His father, Peter, was a professional player for Crystal Palace, a football club currently playing in the Premier League, the highest level of football in England. For a few years, this team was one of the many businesses and services that Simon Jordan owned and built up his net worth.

Simon Jordan was previously the owner of Crystal Palace FC

In his youth, Jordan was a talented football player, signing school contracts with Chelsea FC and Crystal Palace FC. These contracts are intended for young athletes aged nine to 16 and generally last two years. The agreements include benefits such as paid education and football development. Depending on the age of the athlete, the club may choose to renew the contract, enroll the player in the club’s youth program, or terminate the agreement.

With the help of the £ 36.5million Jordan earned from selling his phone business, he bought Crystal Palace FC in July 2000, but not directly. He made a deal with businessman Jerry Lim to buy him the club.

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According to Jordan, Lim started a company called CPFC 2000 Ltd. to proceed with the purchase. He then immediately sold the company to Jordan for £ 10million. After being named president, Jordan became the youngest president of the Football League in history.

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In January 2010, when Jordan was said to be over £ 20million in debt and failed to sell the club, Crystal Palace went into administration. As a result, Jordan ceded control of the company to an appointed director. Jordan claims he has lost over 50million pounds in the ten years he has owned the team.