What Are Fantastic Sports Leagues?

Fantasy sports are online games where participants form imaginary teams made up of real players from a franchise sports league. Participants compete against each other and when a match takes place in the real world, players will earn points based on their performance. Participants are ranked in the leaderboard based on their accumulated points and depending on the fantasy league they participate in, they can earn weekly rewards as well as huge prizes at the end of the season.

The story behind Game of 11

Game of 11, known under the trade name of GO11, was founded by Ashif Mujtoba and Tanvir Ahmed Palash, who are the CEO and CTO of the company respectively. The core team members are all from Ahsanullah University o Science and Technology, which have been part of the GO11 journey since the very beginning in 2018. Ashif said, “The software and technical skills of our team members have perfectly complemented our business model. “The platform was already built at the end of 2018.

The fantastic sports market

Co-founder Ashif Mujtoba said: “Young people in this country are crazy about sports right now, especially cricket and football. And they are very passionate. We want to capitalize on that.” Game Plan, another Bangladeshi fantasy league startup, also featured fantasy football and cricket matches. According to Ashif, there is a potential market of 1 million fantastic players in Bangladesh and the market size is $ 420 million. GO11 already has 55,000 registered users. However, being a fairly new business concept in Bangladesh, there are some gray areas as to whether fantasy sports are a form of gambling by law. By no means is this a fantastic sports game, as it requires understanding and analysis of a certain game. It is not dependent on prediction. But the GO11 team has spoken to the Police Cybercrime Unit to be on the safer side of things.

GO11 currently offers IPL matches as part of its Fantastic Cricket League. Ashif said the team plans to increase the number of registered fantasy players in GO11 to 4 million by the 2033 ICC Cricket World Cup. Driven by the enthusiasm of local fantasy sports fanatics, the future of GO11 and the Bangladeshi fantasy sports scenario is promising.