You know, I wasn’t going to write about that athletics article interviewing Kansas City Royals owner John Sherman about his plans for the team and a possible new stadium downtown, because there really isn’t any news. But I just can’t get over these opening paragraphs:

SURPRISE, Ariz. — John Sherman once took a woman on a first date to a football game at Kauffman Stadium. Her name was Marny and they showed up to watch the Kansas City Royals take on the Yankees. If he remembers correctly, more than four decades later, Lou Piniella was playing left field for New York.

“My wife is embarrassed when I tell this story,” Sherman said Monday. “But it went well. We’ve been married for 40 years.

What do you think was going through writer Alec Lewis’ head when he wrote this? That a story about taking his wife on a date with a Royals game somehow shows that Sherman, as Lewis put it, “understands the long haul”? (Because he was married for 40 years? Because he remembers who Lou Piniella was?) That it was a cute story and more interesting than anything Sherman said, and is absolutely not likely to allow Sherman to turn into an ordinary guy. A Royals fan not a billionaire propane baron seeking taxpayers’ money for a new stadium just 15 years after getting taxpayers’ money to renovate his old stadium? That it’s only March and there’s a long season of writing Royals losses ahead, better just write the first thing that comes to mind and move on? So many possibilities.

As for the stadium stuff, Sherman didn’t really say much in detail, other than that a downtown stadium would be a “public-private partnership” and “we’ll be big investors in that partnership. “, which is a reasonably smart way. to frame asking for a bunch of public money as a generosity for investing your own money. Also this:

“We’re one of 25 cities in the United States with a Major League Baseball franchise,” Sherman said. “Four cities have two, and there is one in Canada. These are really valuable assets for a community, so I’m interested: why shouldn’t we maximize the value of this asset on behalf of our community? »

Is it a threat of moving? An argument that the Royals would be more valuable (to “the community,” not just Sherman) if they played in a new taxpayer-funded house? A flex of his geography skills?

There are many, many follow-up questions that Lewis could and should have asked – or, for that matter, any of the assembled sportswriters could have asked, as this was a press group during the spring training that, for some reason, every Royals Beat Reporter felt compelled to write about at length. Let’s see how other news outlets have handled it. The Kansas City star:

Kansas City Royals President and CEO John Sherman apparently still likes to think of himself as another longtime Royals fan. He’s also acutely aware that he’s a fan who currently has more say in the fate of the franchise than anyone who has ever sat down at Kauffman Stadium with emotions on every pitch., which probably shouldn’t be considered media since it’s owned by the people it writes about, but anyway:

SURPRISE, Ariz. — As the Royals head into Opening Day with just over two weeks until they travel to Kansas City, team owner John Sherman is optimistic about the state of his team and organization as he enters his third full season as CEO and Chairman of the club.

You get the picture. Long story short, a wealthy sports team owner deigned to tell the inky wretches of the sportswriters corps about his stadium plans (and dating history), and everyone sat there with their recorders. and went straight back to their laptops to type their daily power shorthand.

The KC Star article, in fact, is such a dedicated shorthand that it’s mostly just unpublished quotes from Sherman, which include the entirety of what he said about his first date. you a long time ago:

Look, my first date with my wife was a Royals-Yankees game in the late ’70s.

What is the? Did the Star fail to mention Lou Piniella? Did Lewis approach Sherman after the group interview to ask for more details about his date? Please donate generously to Field of Schemes so I can assign a beat writer on Royals beat writers, to find out exactly what’s going on here and who smoked what.