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The Game Exchange Jet Dragsters team had a rare experience last Friday. These Jet Dragsters are meant to go straight into the wake of any dragster.

However, at Eddyville Raceway Park in Oskaloosa, Iowa, Team Game Exchange experienced a 360 before they hit the wall.

Drag Racing Stock Photo (Photo by Pixabay)

“I’m driving along the race track and then the car veered hard left,” Russ Glover said in the video. “As soon as I could, I turned off the car. I just hung on for the ride. I lightly brushed against the wall. I’ve hit my head harder at other race tracks. All in all, thank God, everything went as it should. It went well.

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Despite the damage, the team expects to be back on the racetrack this weekend.

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“Eddyville, we have a problem!” Nitro Chaos said in a Facebook post. “Team Game Exchange puts on a great show at CHAOS events around the country. It was great to see jet dragsters dueling as part of the show. What we saw Friday night of the second Nitro Chaos, we don’t We didn’t expect it. A jet-powered dragster did a 360! It was caught on camera and reporter Lee Craft caught up with the driver the next day about what happened at the wheel.

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