Jim Beam wants to give you a shot at your adult sports recreation team having a winning season.

Whether your recreational team plays volleyball, kickball, softball, baseball, bowling, sacks, pickleball, or another sport (here’s watching you, master artistic swim teams), this famous brand of bourbon is offering recreational teams across the country the chance to win the Jim Beam Highball Rec Refreshment Pack.

Now through August 5, more than 21 recreational teams across the country can enter to win a valuable gift set. Three lucky teams will receive: a $5,000 gift card to pay for league fees and new equipment; $1.00 Instacart gift cards for Jim Beam’s “handmade highball bindings” for post-game gatherings, coolers to store the ingredients needed to make those highballs, personalized gifts for the team, including hats and jerseys, and a virtual coaching session with former pro baseball champion and All-Star Nick Swisher.

“As recreational teams safely come together to play together this summer, the Jim Beam Highball Rec Refresh Contest will give players a fresh start, this summer or whenever they’re ready to hit the court together,” said Sarah Cordova, Jim Beam senior brand. Director, North American Marketing. “We all deserve to celebrate being together again with friends who feel like family, whether it’s enjoying a Highball after a big win or feeling fresh with brand new gear and uniforms. team.”

“Recreational leagues have a unique ability to unite friends and strangers,” adds a spokeswoman for Jim Beam. “As a welcoming spirit, Jim Beam celebrates all activities that bring friends together, especially around a shared love of bourbon, and in this case, sports.”

The idea behind this promotion, Cordova says, is that Jim Beam wants to help celebrate recreational leagues. Now, during the summer months, more and more people are finally feeling more comfortable getting back to the activities they love, and Jim Beam wants to help celebrate that.

“With this summer being the first in a time when many now feel comfortable participating in recreational leagues, Jim Beam wanted to reward some lucky teams who come together again, with refreshment, including cash for cover league fees and post-game highball and cocktail ingredients,” a brand spokeswoman said.

Jim Beam already sponsors many professional sports teams in baseball, football, basketball and more, so it made sense to bring recreational teams on board to help reduce some of the playing costs, they say.

Recreational team players who want to win should go to JimBeamRecRefresh.com, where they will first verify their age (sorry, if you’re under 21 you can’t play), share their team memory favorite, then explain why their team needs the upgrade. For example, if you’re using the same bats you had 15 years ago and it’s hurting your swing, then you need an upgrade, she says. Or maybe all of your team’s t-shirts have holes in them, or maybe you just need to beat your rival team, and winning this contest would give your team the edge they need.

And even if your team doesn’t win the package, a Jim Beam highball can be refreshing.

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