MADISON – Heritage Sports Leagues, an initiative of Heritage Church, accepts boys and girls for football and cheering teams. League players will have their share of fun in a safe and stimulating environment.

Reverend Michael Katschke and Reverend Suzanne Katschke are pastors at Heritage Church; Michel and Suzanne are married. The church’s address is 29768 Huntsville – Brownsferry Road in Madison. Heritage Church is affiliated with the Methodist Conference.

Keyana Malone and Tynesha Malone lead the leagues as athletic directors. The Malone sisters “are very active in the local sports scene, have extensive coaching experience and simply have a heart for kids and families,” Suzanne said. “We feel extremely fortunate to have directors of such caliber.”

Heritage Church sports teams are a “development league,” Suzanne said. “For us, a development league is concerned with the development of a child as a whole person. Our league is not a competitive league, but children will be developed to the best of their abilities. All children will play and be challenged to grow in character, skills and spiritual development.

Church leaders founded sports leagues to serve local families. “We have a heart for children and want to serve them. Our motto is “Come play!” We know that children learn best by playing,” said Suzanne.

As a community league, kids who sign up for the league will play against each other, not “outside” teams from other leagues.

Heritage staff want to partner with families to provide children with an enriching and rewarding experience. “We emphasize the development of mind, body and spirituality,” Suzanne said. “We focus on the development of character and physical skills, while encouraging spiritual development through team devotions and service projects.”

The staff also understands the time constraints of busy families. “We provide the convenience of practicing and playing on the same day (Saturday) to meet the needs of our children and families,” she said. Leagues will open on August 13 and run until September 24.

Children in Legacy Leagues can learn the same basic skills as other leagues, but with a special focus on character and spiritual development.

In addition to the Malones, local sports leaders, parents and volunteers coach the teams. All coaches and volunteers will undergo training and will be required to submit a national background check.

All team members will receive a uniform and a seasonal devotion sheet. Children 4 to 12 years old are eligible. The fee is $110.

Founded in 2016, Heritage has approximately 600 members. Sunday worship times are 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. for in-person services and 11 a.m. for online services.

Heritage sports leagues will have scholarship children. “Not all children can afford to participate in extracurricular activities, but our desire is to help families who are struggling financially by providing scholarships,” Suzanne said.

Staff want to instill the importance of serving others. “Each team will be tasked with completing a service project during their season. The best part? We will let them decide how they would like to make a difference in our community,” Suzanne said. “We are excited to see what children do for others!”

To register, go to and click on “Registration”. Next, click on “Heritage Sports Leagues”. For more information, call 256-325-1700, email [email protected], or visit