Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival at Manchester United broke social media records. | Photo credit: AP


  • Manchester United’s message of Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to club broke the internet
  • Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo announcement has now become the most liked Instagram post by a sports team
  • Cristiano Ronaldo will return to Manchester United for the first time since leaving the club in 2009

Premier League giants Manchester United recently confirmed the return of club legend and football icon Cristiano Ronaldo to the club after 12 years. Ronaldo will return to United for the first time since leaving Old Trafford in 2009 after terminating his contract with Juventus.

Ronaldo, who is considered one of the greatest footballers of all time, enjoys staggering popularity across the world and is one of the most followed athletes on Instagram. While his return to Manchester United sent club fans into a frenzy, the move also broke the internet after being confirmed by the Red Devils last week.

United’s Instagram post announcing Ronaldo’s return to the Premier League has since garnered over 12 million likes and counts. With over 12 million likes, it became the most liked post on Instagram by a sports team. While Ronaldo has 335 million followers on Instagram, United, one of the most famous clubs in the world, has over 45 million followers.

United’s Ronaldo announcement post overtook Paris Saint Germain’s Lionel Messi announcement video which had garnered more than seven million likes. However, United’s post on Ronaldo still does not make the top five for most popular sports photos on Instagram, despite being the most loved post by a sports team in the world.

The photo of Lionel Messi with the Copa America trophy after winning his first major international title with Argentina earlier this year had attracted 21,936,444 likes so far and is the most beloved sports photo on the plate -social media form. With 19,878,856 likes, Ronaldo’s tribute post to Argentine legend Diego Maradona after his death in November last year is the second most liked sports photo on Instagram after Messi’s.

Ronaldo, who spent six seasons at United from 2003 to 2009, had left the club after going from a prodigy to a world batsman and will now return as one of the greatest of all time. His arrival is sure to boost United’s morale in all competitions and make them one of the strongest teams in the world right now.