New Delhi, August 11 (IANS): Supported by Dabur India President Amit Burman, Mind Sports League is revolutionizing traditional poker and has launched a unique solution for all poker matters: Hashtag Poker.

The flagship product of the parent company, the gaming app offers all poker enthusiasts a platform to learn, play and watch all in one place in a completely risk-free environment.

Considering the flourishing growth of the gaming industry globally and in India, Hashtag Poker aims to create a complete ecosystem by introducing new technologies, products and platforms that help an individual develop in all aspects.

Akshay Chachra, Co-Founder, CEO and CFO, Mind Sports League Pvt Ltd, believes in the need to make poker a fun and interactive form of sports, with a strong digital presence.

“Poker is more of a way of life that helps develop life skills such as decision making, hiring, financial planning, job interviews, risk appetite, etc. Poker being a relatively new game in India, we believe the adoption and growth potential of Poker is immense given that 65% of the population includes GEN Z and Millennials.

“In fact, poker has trended upwards and is developing better than other card games in India. According to industry sources, the Indian gaming industry is expected to grow by over 31.7% d ‘year on year due to the growth of digital infrastructure and the significant increase in the quality and engagement of game content. In addition, the game industry in India is expected to be rated at 3, $ 5 billion by 2023, surpassing Bollywood’s revenue by $ 0.8 billion, ”Chachra said.

The industry is becoming more and more immersive, social and recreating itself with each passing day. To further stimulate growth and bridge the gap in the poker industry on how people interact with each other, the app offers revolutionary live video format functionality. The first initiative of its kind guarantees a flawless experience in social bonding activities and offers young aspirants to participate in the biggest freeroll tournaments.

The app also serves as the premier poker learning aggregation platform in India where users get top poker trainers offering structured lessons, live streaming, personalized coaching, and more. On top of that, users can also test their progress in a fun and interactive way through over 2,500 puzzles, rewards, and leaderboards.

Over the years India has seen remarkable growth in the poker industry via poker leagues to value driven collaborations which have led to massive growth for poker operators. But, it is important that the players are familiar with the sport and play responsibly.

Explaining the need for this new age poker platform that offers unique features for the poker enthusiast, Chachra said: “Many people who are starting to play the sport face a lack of knowledge and understanding of the game. To solve this problem, we have introduced a new concept that will allow poker enthusiasts to master the game through personalized coaching sessions, structured lessons and watching other pro players. The idea is to build an ecosystem which supports the entire poker ecosystem. “

Additionally, as a parent company, Mind Sports League has built a unique ecosystem with its three entities – Hashtag Poker, Hashtag Productions and Poker Sports League, and introduced tournaments and video poker, at the same time allowing players to create their own tables and play with their friends and family for free on the platform.

Hashtag Poker further plans to host the biggest tournaments in association with various colleges, clubs, corporate leagues like IIM, IIT, YPO, consultancies, startups, etc. which will be free in addition to rewarding players.

In addition, it is the only platform that broadcasts exclusive content allowing users to access all poker shows, free webinars, connect with poker players around the world as well as other content. engaging and entertaining around poker.

The free Hashtag Poker app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play and can also be downloaded from the website.