Knowledge, Advocacy and Development (KAD) Volleyball is a Gauteng team that continuously participates in events such as the Volleyball Masters events, which take place throughout the year at John Barrable Hall.

As the year draws to a close, KAD was extremely honored to be selected as one of the finalists for the Sports Team of the Year award at the Gauteng Sports Awards night on November 14.

“It was such an amazing experience, as we have been exposed to so many people who are making a difference in our communities through their activities and participation,” said Sash Nair, Director of Media and Public Relations.
“Congratulations to all the winners, especially TUKS Aquatics who received the well-deserved Sports Team of the Year award.

“KAD may not have won the overall award, but we were finalists. We are inspired to have been considered in a very competitive high performance category.

“At the event, a few of our members who represented KAD were present, but there are many who make up and contribute to the achievements of the club. A special mention must therefore be made to the club president, Tarryn Singh, and the team captain, Raycine Nana, who could not be part of the debates but contributed to the success of the club. Thank you to our players and supporters for pushing us to always be better than yesterday.

Women are welcome to contact the team if they wish to join, but teams are only for women.

“We still participate in events and have friendlies and practice clinics. We simply do not yet have a regular reception area or continuing education dates. We will start next year, ”said Nair.

For Masters Team, Women over 30, and General Inquiries, Training and League (open to all ages) email Tarryn Singh at [email protected]
KAD will host its first event since Covid on November 20 at the John Barrable Hall called the Gauteng Masters Volleyball Tournament, which will start at 8:00 a.m.

“There will also be a memorial wall for all the players and supporters we lost in the event,” said Nair.

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