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Planet Social Sports, a leading provider of co-ed adult sports and social events in Southern California, is now expanding to San Jose.

The sports league, which has become a popular after-work activity for recent college graduates, will feature three sports this winter in San Jose, softball, kickball and touch football. All games are followed by a meeting at a local sponsoring bar / restaurant.

Sports fans and players interested in learning more about sports and social options along San Jose or Southern California, can visit

Teams, businesses or individuals interested in joining a Planet Social Sports sports program should contact Hazen Wilson at 323-639-0076 for more information.

Planet Social Sports offers mixed sports leagues, social events and networks for active young adults over the age of 21. Planet Social Sports has brought tens of thousands of people together to exercise, make new friends, and even meet someone special. San Jose’s inaugural winter season will feature mixed kickball, softball and touch football, starting February 2. Many companies and individuals have already signed teams. Planet Social Sports promises to be an exciting new addition to activities in the San Jose area.

Planet Social Sports, one of the leading national sports and social networking companies, offers adult social recreational sports leagues.

Planet Social Sports offers football, softball, kickball, volleyball, bowling and soccer leagues, as well as an online dating and networking site for social sports.

Players / businesses interested in learning more about Planet Social Sports’ adult sports league options in San Jose or Southern California can visit Adult sports enthusiasts in California should contact Hazen Wilson at 323-639-0076 for more information.


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