Backed and endorsed by Chess Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand, the world’s first franchise-based poker league is back in a new avatar called the Poker Sports League – Virtual Season 3 (PSL-V). With a unique online format, PSL aims to establish poker as a sport of the mind by showcasing a combination of skills, math, decision making and courage that are needed in the right mix to emerge as that poker champion.

League Season 3 was originally scheduled to be played between 6 teams, however, with the growing potential of online games in India and a great response from the recently concluded online qualifiers, Mind Sports League (PSL owners) has now extended a chance. to poker enthusiasts in other cities, to partner with PSL for two other teams.

True to the spirit of live poker, the virtual format will now see a total of 8 teams, with 10 players each, competing for a prize pool / payout of over INR 2 crore. Glad to make the announcement, Mr. Amit Burman, Promoter – Poker Sports Leaguenoted, “With the commendable response we received for the Exhibition Tournament – Virtual Poker League and the PSL V Online Qualifiers, we are positive for increased participation and delighted to include two more team owners.”

Following the advent of PSL V, Mind Sports (PSL owners) signed a contract with 6 team owners for 10 seasons for the next 5 years with – a live season / league and a virtual one. 3 from the PSL and welcome the 6 teams on board, Mr. Pranav Bagai, CEO and Co-Founder, Poker Sports League says: “I am delighted to present the six teams namely Delhi Tzars, Deccan Aces, Goan Nuts, Gujarat Falcons, Mumbai Anchors and Kolkata Kingsand welcome them to the PSL family. Additionally, due to the overwhelming response received from the recently concluded Online Qualifiers and Virtual Poker League, we are thrilled to add two more teams and look for the right partner to be our next team owner.

Sharing marketing ideas, said Mr. Bagai, “We have some very exciting things planned; Rap song, inclusion of A-list celebrities, campaigns, etc. In addition to this, we will be announcing a partnership with a OTT Players for the live streaming of the season very soon ”

The league will have a total of 30 events (poker games) where each participant will have the chance to play a maximum of 6 of these 30 games. With INR 15,000,000 as the prize pool for each team, each qualifier will receive a match fee of INR 10,000 per match. Mentor, Wilds and Pros will receive 20,000 INR per match. Mentors will also receive a base fee of INR 2,000,000 as well as a training budget of INR 3,000,000 for the season which they or the team owners can decide how to spend on the season. training of their team members, at their discretion.

About the Poker Sports League

Poker Sports League is India’s premier poker league and the world’s largest poker league in terms of prize pool and participation. It is the only sports format where each team has a combination of professionals and amateurs. Absolutely anyone who knows the basics of poker can play a variety of online poker games to secure a place in this India wide poker league. PSL offers big prize pools, no entry fees and a hell of a competition to come.

On top of that, to kick off its Season 3, PSL is set to come back with a new concept of Poker Sports League – Virtual where everything will be online and on its mobile app called “Hashtag PokerThe idea behind PSL V is to sport the game of poker through a unique web-based team format.