Season 4 of the Poker Sports League (PSL) has arrived in a new avatar – Phygital. PSL online qualifiers start November 25 and the league will last two months with two to three games a week organized virtually. The season finale will take place live on the pitch from February 7 toFebruary 13, 2022 for the first time since the pandemic.

Strong in the spirit of the game, the tournament will give players a chance to represent their state and open up avenues for aspiring players in the spirit sports category. Participants, if selected, will have the coveted opportunity to practice and improve their game with the best in the country, as they prepare for qualifying. Just download Hashtag Poker and learn the basics for free.

India’s online gaming industry is on the verge of transformation, with a growth trajectory of over US $ 3.9 billion in 2025 according to KPMG. This robust growth has fostered and led to improved social skills, decision-making skills, improved brain function, development of key skills and improved memory of players. The adoption of newer technologies like Phygital is a testament to this growth, as game developers and publishers have a vested interest in being present in a multidimensional ecosystem where all aspects are interconnected.

Poker Sports League CEO and Founder Pranav Bagai announces season noted, “The gaming industry is opening up new avenues and new ways in which amateur players can learn and be coached from the best in the business. We are delighted to see the confluence of technological integration in the industry as it becomes a rewarding experience in all aspects of life. Having said that, we had a great response last season and we are delighted to introduce our flagship product, Poker Sports League in a Phygital format this year. Poker fans can now look forward to a series of interesting challenges ahead.

Want to play PSL? Here’s how you can go about it

  • The PSL Season 4 playoffs will see a total of 15 games where each participant will have the chance to play a maximum of 6 games. Five places in a team are reserved for amateur players. They just have to play six of the 15 free “qualifiers” from November 25 to December 9.
  • Among all the participants, the best 180 participants will go to the repechage, then there will be a separate series of three days of qualifying finals where from these 180 qualifiers, the top 30 will obtain a confirmed place in the PSL team, then the Team owners bid for their respective teams. A total of six teams with 11 players each will compete for a prize of Rs two cr +.
  • This edition of PSL will see each team with six players from the playoffs including a replacement. In addition, with the growing interest of women in sport, there is a separate category for women ensuring their participation.

In keeping with the concept of PSL Season 4, each participant who is part of the team will be paid and will receive a prize pool achievement commission in the event that their team wins. BagaI add again, “We are delighted to have six teams playing this year and anyone who knows the basics of poker can play a series of online poker games to secure a place in this India-wide poker league. . This season promises to be a fun experience. From unique poker challenges to cash rewards, we’ve got it all. We are thrilled and eager to see the season unfold as players experience their team’s camaraderie, linger on sportsmanship and soak up all the glamor and flair of the Finals.

In keeping with the concept of Poker Sports League Season 4, the league will be played online on the company’s proprietary app – Hashtag Poker and streamed online on its website. OTT platform.

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