Hyderabad: A sports enthusiast in Hyderabad took his passion to the next level by creating a terraced football pitch on the 10th floor of his building to promote the game, especially among young people.

The ground features a heavier-than-normal ball to control speed on the artificial pitch, with very durable and high-quality 25ft high nets to ensure an uninterrupted playing area in the spotlight.

The director and promoter of the land, Pavit Singh, said the concept had received a positive response from the population.

“There is such a dearth of play spaces in our country. I just wanted a place to play, so my partner and I got together. We did it only for fun and passion and just for the love of the game. The first place when we opened we had 20,000 to 30,000 people knocking on our doors saying, “Hello, can I come and play too? basic level of the sport, ”Singh said.

Artificial turf provides consistency in rebound and ball control. The smooth artificial surface and rubber infill make the playing field very safe and provide greater movement for players with the foam-padded rebound walls along the pitch.

“It’s very affordable and easy for people to come and play two to three times a week on a regular basis. People leave the gym, people stop training regularly to come here. Physical fitness, healthy lifestyle through sport, education through sport: this is something we promote, ”Singh added.

The facility is said to be the first of its kind in South India and has created a new trend for people who love sports but can’t find space.

“It’s a great feeling for us because our football has been closed for the past ten years and this is the first time the Hyderabad players have had the chance to play in an open space where they could get a lot out of it. have fun, ”said player Sayed Nazib.

Hosts expect demand to grow in the coming days as the sport’s popularity increases.

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