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As an entrepreneur, it’s important to do your research and execute your plans perfectly. Keep your head down, stay focused, believe in the system and work hard. When you move in the right direction, you will definitely get good results and remember that it is never too late to start something new and make a change in the world”, Abhinav Sinha (founder) and Chetan Desai(Co-founder), SportsSkill in an exclusive interview with Startup Story.

We’re a generation that loves to capture every experience we face in life, whether it’s something extremely basic for us or even a life-changing moment. But are we actually able to do this when it comes to capturing or even just keeping a record of our daily progress in a sport we really enjoy investing our time in and being able to analyze every aspect skills we have acquired? Imagine having someone who could constantly analyze your performance and with that analysis give you feedback to improve your performance that will always help you improve as a sports enthusiast would like with their performance.

That’s where this multi-solution virtual platform comes in. SportsSkill is that trusted partner you are looking for in your performance improvement journey, designed for athletes of all ages, who want to improve with their performance every day and it doesn’t stop there! An added bonus to this platform is how it also finds a suitable competitor for real level training/match sessions and in the future will support its users physically and psychologically to understand the importance of nutrition and mental health in the life of an athlete. .

What led to the ideation of SportsSkill?

SportsSkill Team

In an exclusive interview with Startup Story, Founder Abhinav Sinha and Co-founder Chetan Desai, Abhinav Sinha mentioned, “When I had my academy at Cricket Club of India, Mumbai and Pune as well where I coached a few top players national and faced Problems plotting Excel sheets. By researching our premise with coaches from all sports, both nationally and internationally, we realized the huge gap in the sports ecosystem and its management that we have seen for so long and around 2019 we began our research to find a solution to this problem.

The whole premise of the app SportsSkill offers its users a comprehensive reporting system that comes on the app for players themselves, parents, coaches to know about their progress in the sport. The founders also mentioned how the coaches put immense effort on their players but due to lack of communication their efforts are in vain as there is a lack of technical support for the players, coaches and academies.

Chetan Desai added: “The issue of this issue has never been solved holistically as I remember a parent asking me 40 years ago how a coach was questioned by parents on how their child was playing, most of the time the response would be in very generic statements like “very good, improving, etc., etc. due to lack of data and technology”.

The SportsSkill The platform allows players and coaches to come together to make a change in their sports careers and this is where the holistic nature of Sports Skill takes on huge significance globally in the masses.

What makes this even more important is how we have so many players who invest all their time and money in the sport, passionately striving to do things the right way, aspiring to be the next star. world and doing their best to leave a mark on their professional careers. Any aspiring sportsman can be educated through the accurate data produced by SportsSkill throughout his career.

How can Sports Skill help you?

SportsSkill app interface

SportsSkill is the solution that focuses on the science of performance enhancement.

The capability-enhancing, measurable insights platform is ready to help its users with a 360-degree solution, whether it’s a developing athlete dreaming of becoming big, a professional athlete hungry for more, a coach looking to expand his blanket, or just someone who loves sports. The solution addresses all important aspects related to sport, including technique, endurance, performance, health and well-being. Athletic training requires affordable technological intervention to complement courage and commitment to advance performance.

With Abhinav Sinha’s 20 years of rich experience and Chetan Desai’s 5 decades of experience in the sports industry, they have fully understood the need for this application with insightful and intensive research and execution, which enables athletes to get the most out of their performance. This need has been communicated by various coaches and players.

The app helps users track data by creating an intelligent report based on their performance, attendance, and well-being. It keeps track of the player before and after sessions based on human feeds, which in turn will help find talented players across India in various sports and fitness. Each sport is different from the other, its requirements differ considerably and SportsSkill understands the various aspects of how this can impact player performance.

The advent of new leagues in various sports has boosted the sudden demand for sports players and it is good to know that a lot of talent is seen in Tier 2 and 3 cities giving a boost to the whole sports fraternity. Therefore, the performance of sportsmen and enthusiasts has become an important measure to enhance their abilities. This is where the SportsSkill platform/app brings this kind of technology into the hands of coaches and organizations that monitor results and take the right actions.

The enthusiasm with which India is getting into sports at the national and international levels makes SportsSkill a vital role in the sports ecosystem. Since everyone is engaged in sports these days, especially post covid, paying close attention to their health and fitness, the app can contribute to this newly generated interest through TV platforms and of social media.

New developments to come

The startup plans to expand the services it will provide by giving equal importance to players’ nutrition as well as helping them psychologically. The founders of SportsSkill explained “Because every player is different and the sport they play would also be different, Sports Skill will be able to deliver an intelligent, dynamic and individualistic report. On days when players don’t get enough sleep and need to perform extremely well the next day, the app lets coaches know that the player may not be ready for the intense session because they are not physically prepared. Thus, the sessions can be conducted with a lower intensity as would have been the case when the player had managed to sleep well.

The app will have many cool features that will inspire sports fans to stay fit and motivated at all times. Users will be pushed to overcome and succeed, and when they do, they will be rewarded with Skillcoins. What is more important is that it helps users track their own journey, how far they have progressed as an athlete. In the stages where one experiences weak biorhythms, they can always take a look at their best performance, which would motivate them to resume their efforts to achieve their goals.

The platform would allow users to play with other competitors which would help them with their close performance and also find similar levels of players. Along with this, the sports platform edutech SportsSkill has its skill coins that allow its users to stay invested in their sport. They are All features of the app also catalyze the whole process of building and improving the sports ecosystem of the country.

Adding more to this, Chetan Desai shared, “I started playing tennis when I was 5 years old. When I was 10, I used to have a one-handed backhand. By the time I was 18, I had changed my game to incorporate a two-handed backhand. Now, at 63, I have a one-handed backhand again. As memories, I can best describe these changes as I have no record or even a video of how my game progressed, how effective it was, or how long it took. Therefore, the video features of this application will be of great importance and benefit. »

Once the company’s MVP launches around the last week of September 2022 with B2B2C services, it is eagerly looking forward to planning its expansion to various cities in India and a few other countries as well by the end of the year. year with B2C services as well. Interestingly, the brand will have a video gallery feature where coaches can follow their athlete even when they are both in completely different corners of the world, the data that will be stored and the coaches will have the ease of giving feedback to its user and also help other players to improve by watching it too!

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