Esports sponsorship deals have come a long way since Fatal1ty hired to delay a motherboard by apologizing – device maker SteelSeries announced it has moved the Winterfox CS: GO team to its headquarters from Chicago. There they will normally train together with SteelSeries staff members and provide information and feedback on new products. Presumably, Winterfox is much happier about it than they’d suggest in the photo above.

Want to be as good as Winterfox? Our CS: GO tips are the first stop on a long journey, my friend.

The passionate end of gaming hardware has been inundated with sponsorship deals with pro gamers for years, their autographs and embarrassed smiles sporting everything from headsets and mice to motherboards. Some manufacturers have even hired pros as consultants, who help them shape the overall look of a given gaming doohickey.

But this deal is a little different. The Winterfox CS: GO team literally works within the SteelSeries headquarters every day, as seen in the video above (with their travels, for some reason). This suggests that the sponsorship agreement does not extend to just one product.

Alex ‘LeX’ Deily, Todd ‘anger’ Williams, David ‘Xp3’ Garrido, Kyle ‘flowsicK’ Mendez and Derek ‘desi’ Branchen are all enlisted to work with the SteelSeries staff as they train daily in their own following. It looks a bit smaller than I would have imagined.

One thing the ad doesn’t address, at least so far, is the end goal. You can expect to see Something come out of the SteelSeries fold with the Winterfox branding on it, but what? A mouse designed to meet the specific requirements of CS: GO? Headphones designed to make the most of the C4’s beeps and stabs? Who knows.

“The core values ​​of our product and our brand are the result of a combination of our original company DNA and years of responding to industry demands,” said Travis Hezel, global director of SteelSeries sponsorships. “The Winterfox project addresses a multitude of values ​​that will advance esports as a whole, and the way sponsors like Steelseries interact with customers, bringing new product developments and more personal connections with eSports athletes. “

Here’s what Winterfox team captain LeX had to say:

“SteelSeries has given us everything a team could ask for, both in terms of sponsorship stability and a world-class training facility. The idea is bold, and while there have been obstacles to accomplishing a whole new kind of partnership, we are up to the challenge as a strong team.

Thanks, Bit-Tech.

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