The British Army eSports team won in a match against students from Queen Mary’s College in Basingstoke.

The military team were invited to the game to celebrate the completion of the new eSports building at Hampshire College as part of their BTEC eSports qualification.

The action played out across three games – Rocket League, Valorant and League of Legends – with the winning army on each platform.

James Fraser Murison, head of the course at Queen Mary’s College, said the military was a big adversary for students.

“We wanted to use the Army as a good starting point because of the communication, team spirit and logistics that would come from great team play,” he said.

“We wanted to be able to transfer those skills into eSports.

Valorant is a popular core game that is now part of military eSports action (Picture: British Army eSports).

“I think we learned a lot from that and it’s a good starting point to practice that in future games and within BTEC itself.

“The very nature of the military is to be prepared and all those things before that.

“You look at how the logistics have been put together, the meetings we’ve had, the planning ahead to create the event that only the public sees.”

The Army eSports team recently played their first game against a professional organization – competing for three nights against Dutch-based team 4Elements.

Cover image: Rocket League was one of the games played in the competition (Photo: British Army eSports).