LEBANON, Ohio (WCMH) — Sports teams around the world have helped make the holiday season a little brighter for a group of Ohio junior high school students by canceling their final exam.

Josh Chasteen, a health teacher at Lebanon Junior High, posted a TikTok on Tuesday that read, “I told my students that I would cancel our last test if a professional sports team commented.”

The Detroit Lions, who are notoriously savvy about engaging on TikTok, were the first to comment just hours after posting, Chasteen said.

“I was convinced that at least one professional team would comment,” he said.

After the Lions, dozens more showed up.

“Of course my students were thrilled,” he added. “But once some of the other big names like ESPN, NFL, Olympics, Xbox and even State Farm’s Jake commented, it was all the buzz around the school.”

Before this viral video, which has 20 million views, 3.3 million likes and 52,000 shares on Thursday afternoon, Chasteen already had TikTok fame, but nothing like it.

“I create TikToks as a fun way to communicate with my students. It’s their world right now, so I just try to make content that’s not too ‘gritty’ and they’ll enjoy it,” Chasteen explained. .

It’s been a tough year for teachers and students, so I wanted to try and do something fun and give everyone a little break.

Josh Chasteen @mr_chasteen101
Health Teacher, Lebanon Junior High

Adding, “I think most students are proud to have a famous TikTok teacher. A student even bought me a shirt that says “TikTok Famous” on it.

Other companies have also embarked on the frenzy. Pizza Hut commented, “That calls for pizza night!”

Chasteen said the company will continue this by providing pizza to the entire Lebanon Junior High staff one day for lunch.