real Madridumpteenth comeback from when all seemed lost in the return match of the UEFA Champions League semi-finals against the almighty Manchester City, has generated a doubt in which everyone will have an opinion beyond the numbers, is there a team in the NFL, NBA or MLB who can be compared to the winning DNA of the Merengues?

Let’s start by putting our cards on the table, Real Madrid won the league last weekend for the 35th time in its history, followed by Barcelona with 26 championships and when it comes to the Champions League, Los Blancos lead with 13 European championships, their main follower has almost half of that, AC Milan with 7.

The NFL doesn’t have a worthy candidate

Let’s start by excluding the NFL in this conversation, the championships are very divided because the Green Bay Packers lead with 13 to nine of Chicago Bearsalthough if we refer to the Super Bowls, the equal of six Vince Lombardi trophies of the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelersmean that no one can boast of a dominance in the history of sport.

Lakers and Celtics fall far short

In the NBA, there could be two apparent candidates, the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakersboth have 34 championships (17 each), the rest of the teams have 43 Larry O’Brien trophies, however, there are two big arguments that both teams get off this boat, the first is that between them the glories are divided and, the second, are the long periods in which teams have had title fasts.

Boston has won a championship since 1987 (34 years), in other words, they have known only two great eras, the emblematic Bill Russell (especially in the 60s) and Larry Bird in the 80s, Los Angeles won a championship between 1955 and 1979 (24 years), in addition they did not lift a single trophy in the decade of the 90s and not from 2011 to 2019.

The Yankees can compete with Real Madrid

In MLB there is the only team in American sports that can sit at the same table as Real Madrid and that is the New York Yankees.

The “Bronx Bombers” are the leaders in appearances (40) and victories (27) in the World Series, in the first category they are followed by the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers with 22 and in the second category by the Cardinals of St. Louis with 11, the dominance is overwhelming.

Moreover, since winning their first World events in 1921, their three longest non-championship streaks were 12 years (1964 to 1976), 15 years (1981 to 1996), and 13 years (2009 to present).

In short, Real Madrid winning DNA can only be compared to that of the New York Yankees, both teams did not always win and had periods without titles, however, throughout their history they recovered and returned to the top of their respective sports.

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