The Las Vegas Raiders are the least-rated professional sports team in North America, according to social media analysis over the past year.

News that isn’t really last minute: The Raiders are the most hated team in sport.

The Action Network came to this conclusion by examining the “negative sentiment” for the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and MLS teams over the past year.

It was the Raiders by a landslide.

Of course, that’s probably exactly where they want to be. The fan base certainly feeds on that kind of sentiment.

In fact, the first response to this tweet was from an LV fan. saying, “NO S *** !!! US AGAINST THE WORLD.”

This franchise has never worked like the NFL is a popularity contest. You wouldn’t expect them to start now, even with a new home.

Sports fans really don’t like the Raiders.

The Dallas Stars were the most hated NHL team, but still far from aversion levels for Vegas. Five of the top eight hated teams were from this league.

The Bears were the second least popular NFL team. The Broncos also got a mention.

The 76ers also led the NBA in aversion to the Raptors.

Apparently, people don’t have strong negative feelings about MLB teams in general, which will surprise New York Yankees fans across the country. A large number of MLS teams made the cut, however.

Being unfriendly on social media is a specter in the end. You can bet the Chiefs hate the Buccaneers a bit more now than they did before the Super Bowl.