The United States of America has several prominent sports leagues and all of them are hugely successful. From the National Football League and the National Basketball Association, to the National Hockey League, Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer, sports fans have no shortage of entertainment throughout the year.

From the way each league organizes its competition, its coverage, its response to changing times and, in particular, how each league has dealt with the unusual circumstances of 2020 of COVID19 and issues of racial injustice, it can be argued that the NBA has risen to the top of all those leagues. .

Below, we take a look at the top ten reasons why the NBA is the best sports league in the world in 2020.

1. The top three income-generating leagues in the world

With an estimated turnover of eight billion dollars last season, the NBA ranks third among the best sports leagues in the world. With around 800 million fans worldwide, the NBA has perhaps one of the most diverse, passionate, supportive and engaged fan bases in the world.

2. Decisive and responsible league

The COVID19 pandemic has seen Adam Silver and his team exercise good leadership by taking decisive and responsible action. The swift decision to shut down the league after Rudy Gobert tested positive for the disease has drawn praise and emulation from other leagues.

3. Clear advice on limiting player activity during lockdown

While other leagues around the world are stuck in a deadlock between sponsors, team owners, athletes, fans and management staff, the NBA has focused on providing clear advice regarding the player activity during lockdown to protect the health of all league staff. than the odds of resuming the games.

4. Consultative approach with the players’ union regarding the restart of the NBA bubble

The NBA has involved the National Basketball Players Association in its plans to resume the season after the March 11 shutdown. The NBA handled objections, suggestions, counter-proposals, health needs, social activism needs, player concerns, and team governors’ demands with poise and poise. With extensive dialogue, discussion and consultation with medical professionals, Adam Silver, working with Executive Director Michelle A. Roberts, led the staff to merge in a well-thought-out plan to resume the season at Orlando Disney. World.

5. Rigorous testing and enforcement when restarting the NBA bubble

The NBA spared no effort when it executed safety protocols and precautionary measures when restarting the Orlando bubble. Players were required to perform daily swab tests, adhere to strict movement rules, refrain from unnecessarily mixing, and all staff entering the bubble to provide services were required to undergo strict quarantine and testing measures. All these rigorous practices to ensure a smooth and safe execution of the Bubble Restart.

6. Zero cases of COVID19 in the restart of the NBA bubble

Leagues such as the National Football League have experienced problems restarting the season, infection alerts as well as minor outbreaks of COVID19 clusters, resulting in repeated shutdowns. The NBA now has an impeccable record of zero cases of COVID19 in its three-plus months of games. This is a record that ranks first in the world in this current pandemic climate.

7. Consultative approach with the players’ union regarding the Black Lives Matter movement

When Black Lives Matter began due to a series of incidents of social injustice across the country, many leagues were caught off guard, indecisive or confused. The NBA was quick to seek out an open conversation with its stakeholders, namely team governors, players, staff and the management team.

8. Commitment of 30 team governors

The NBA is seen as a collaborative, growth-oriented and nimble league in this world. Whether it’s rule changes, salary caps, involvement in black empowerment, health and safety measures for restarting the Orlando bubble, soliciting support from homeowners for Polling places and many other local initiatives, the NBA has a high profile in its cooperation with its 30 team leaders.

9. Donations and support for social causes

The NBA is a leader in social causes by donating $ 300 million over the next decade to stimulate movement, sponsor organizations and encourage change towards black ethnic empowerment. This is a massive sum and acts like a spark to inspire and pave the way for other leagues to emulate.

10. Transparency and communication with the players’ union regarding the financial impact of the closure on the salary cap

Some may have heard of stories from other leagues about the owner / athlete wrestling. Disagreement in revenue sharing, employee equity or other management issues. However, these questions are not heard from the NBA. The NBPA has a lot of power and open channels for discussions and discussions with the league office regarding important decisions. The collective agreement has long been the hallmark of a fair, equitable and collaborative league that is the NBA. The level of transparency and communication is so impeccable and exemplary by the NBA and the other leagues can still learn a lot from the NBA.


Constantly evolving to attract a global audience

There must be no other league so forward-looking, so adaptable to the times and so innovative to capture a larger fan base globally. Throughout the history of the NBA, Commissioner David Stern and then Adam Silver have been visionaries in their management of the NBA. Under their leadership, the NBA has made constant updates and changes to the rulebook to transform the game into a more watchable, more interesting, more competitive, more engaging and more entertaining sport for all walks of life.

From the introduction of the 24-second shot clock to changing defensive rules to calling fouls to pitch specifications, length of quarterbacks, changes in salary caps, the NBA is constantly on the lookout for new ways. to make the game more dynamic, more dynamic and attract the best talent from around the world.

His talent search and ability to attract foreign talent has been exceptional. Its sponsorship collaborations and signed media deals have also helped propel the game globally. The NBA is also one of the first leagues to embrace mobile technology and smartphone apps to expand its reach globally. The low subscription fees and wide range of device compatibility of its broadcasts are one of the main reasons the NBA has gained more and more audiences than other leagues in untapped markets.

Really, with all of the ten (plus one) reasons above, it’s easy to see why the NBA is above its competition in terms of popularity and audience. In an uncertain global future, the NBA continues to shake things up and deliver a product that is both eye-catching and high-income. As fans, we can all rejoice that the changing times have not made the NBA obsolete but allowed it to flourish and shine even more.


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