As some leagues continue to prepare for legal sports betting, cfu tightens up a bit.

The UFC sent a memo to its fighters Monday pointing to a change in its conduct policy that prohibits athletes, their families, coaches and team members from participating in sports betting on UFC fights. Yahoo Sports reported the news for the first time.

UFC Commercial Director Hunter Campbell writes in the memo that the organization has received advice from regulators it should ban its athletes from betting on fights. The new code sits directly under the match-fixing ban.

“In order to help our athletes understand their obligations under the laws of the majority of states in which sports betting is permitted, and in support of these integrity measures, the UFC has incorporated a betting ban into the UFC Athlete Conduct Policy expressly prohibiting athletes from betting on any UFC match,” Campbell wrote, per yahoo.

State bans on in-play sports betting

The new UFC update remains compliant with state regulations that prohibit athletes from betting on their sports. There is a bit of a gray area when it comes to contract athletes like MMA fighters and golfers versus team sports athletes.

“As the game has grown nationally, we’ve been in contact with the overwhelming majority of regulatory bodies,” Campbell said. Yahoo Sports. “It has been made clear to us that a large percentage of regulators prohibit what they would consider inside betting with people who are actively involved in the sports they are betting on.”

If an athlete violates the Code of Conduct, sanctions may include the following:

  • Contractual penalties
  • Ineligibility for performance payments
  • Withdrawal from combat or promotion

UFC OK Sports Betting Referrals

MMA fights can be a popular draw for sportsbooks, and as such, sportsbooks flock to MMA organizations like the UFC. Earlier this year, the UFC expanded its partnership with DraftKings as good as Stake.comits official betting partner in Latin America.

Fighters can maintain current sports betting partnerships and continue to court new ones, according to the memo. The organization will also allow fighters with sports betting offers to continue to make choices on fights.

“This policy does not prohibit UFC athletes from entering into sponsorship agreements with sports betting companies,” the memo reads. “UFC athletes may continue to seek such sponsorships in accordance with applicable law.”

UFC owner deepens ties to sports betting

This change comes after Effortowner of the UFC, closed its $800 million acquisition of the OpenBet sports betting platform September. The price was $400 million lower than original $1.2 billion Endeavor agreed with Light & Wonder (Previously Science games) Last year.

In addition to the MMA promoter, Endeavor also owns a sports data and content company IMG Arena. The parent company hopes to create synergies between its holdings to boost its offerings.

“We will seek to create and unlock significant value for our rightsholders and sportsbook customers, helping to deliver the most attractive offerings for sports fans around the world,” said Endeavor’s CEO. Ariel Emmanuel said last month.

The problems of athletes in sports betting

In the past, some fighters would publicly brag about their bets on UFC matches, like Derek Brunson last month. Connor McGregor once even tried to bet with the president of the UFC Dana White before a fight 2015although this predates the era of legal sports betting nationwide.

In March, Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Riley was suspended for the whole 2022 season after betting on NFL games in 2021.

In 2019, the NFL suspended Arizona Cardinals player Josh Shaw to bet on games.

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