VALLEJO, Calif. (KRON) — A Vallejo youth sports league is scrambling to replace a van it just received through a generous donation, less than a month before the league begins.

The van was going to be used to take the kids to and from flag football games.

The day before, a local business owner donated a 12-passenger van to the Coach Sarna league in Vallejo.

His catalytic converter was stolen and while he was waiting for repairs at a car dealership, Ryan Sarna says, on Friday it was discovered that thieves had chased him off the lot.

The van was reported stolen to the Vallejo Police Department.

Sarna is the founder, CEO and coach of the non-profit organization which started last year. It comprises around 300 young people divided into flag football divisions reserved for girls and boys.

“There are many children who have no means of transport. So we were able to offer rides in the past and we want to continue to offer rides,” Sarna said.

The van was also to be used to haul gear during the 10-week season opener on April 2.

Northgate Church in Benicia had previously offered to pay for the repair of the catalytic converter, but now the whole van has to be replaced, if not returned.

“Since we really charge nothing – next to nothing, and then give scholarships to everyone, there’s not a lot of money left over after registration. So for us, buying a 12 passenger van on our own will only happen through donations. Or, probably multiple seasons of concession building,” Sarna said.

Sarna says about 80% of K-8 students in the league are low-income or below the poverty line.