Four international runners will travel from Kenya to the United States to race the American gravel this fall. Meet the Cavaliers here.

Wahoo Sports Science is working with the AMANI team (based in Kenya and Uganda) on a special collaboration: to welcome international runners selected in the United States for a unique gravel experience. Announced today, the two companies have identified four runners from East Africa who will travel to the United States to compete in professional races.

Dubbed Fursa, the global collaboration “aims to help cyclists in the underserved cycling market,” Wahoo Fitness wrote. More specifically, to help these runners to reach a higher echelon of the race “without having to eliminate the structural barriers which exist on the traditional paths towards professional sport”.

Runners participating in the Migration Gravel Race in Kenya; (photo / Wahoo Fitness)

Fursa, presented by Wahoo, kicked off in June with the Kenya Migration Gravel Race, the world’s first gravel race held in East Africa. According to Wahoo and the AMANI team, the event had three goals: to offer athletes from East African countries a competition on their own ground, to generate interest in gravel races in these countries and to lower the obstacles. that East African runners may face. classic world competitions.

Fursa mixes sponsorship, financial support and moral support. But more importantly, it brings more camaraderie to the global community of Wahoo and AMANI coaches, cyclists and teammates.

Meet the Fursa Gravel Riders

East African gravel runner Sule Kangangi bumping his fists with white Wahoo teammate
Sule Kangangi; (photo / Wahoo Fitness)

The four Kenyan riders – John Kariuki, Geoffrey Langat, Sule Kangangi and Nancy Akinyi – will participate in the Asheville Belgian Waffle Walk and Vermont Overland.

Nancy Akinyi, 31 years old: When Akinyi went to college someone gave her a mountain bike and she never looked back. Since she started the sport, she has won almost every race she has participated in.

As part of the Kenya national team, Akinyi was third in the African Continental Championships in 2018, and third at the African Games in 2019. In 2021, she won the Migration Gravel Race.

Sule Kangangi, 32 years old: Kangangi started racing 10 years ago with an African continental team called Kenya Riders. A year later, he joined BikeAid, a pro-continental team based in Germany.

During his career he has raced internationally in Europe, Australia and China. He placed third in the Tour of Rwanda, won the 2020 Gravel Gorilla race in Rwanda and placed second in the migration gravel race.

Geoffroy Langat, 31 years old: Like many Kenyans, Langat was initially a long distance runner before turning to cycling. Also before cycling, Langat was a professional skater, winning the African Championship in Pretoria, South Africa in the discipline of the marathon.

Before joining a team, Langat’s only cycling experience consisted of going back and forth to school with his single-speed bike. His accomplishments include riding for the Kenya Riders team and winning the third leg of the Migration Gravel Race.

John Kariuki, 24 years old: Kariuki only rode a bicycle to work in Nakuru, Kenya. One day, during his journey, a cyclist from the local Kenya Riders team passed him on a road bike. Kariuki ended up beating the cyclist on top of a hill, and he started running soon after.

Kariuki won the Tour of Machakos (the biggest road stage race in Kenya) in 2019. He is also a multiple time champion on Zwift.

“It’s hard to overstate the importance of the ‘Fursa’ partnership between Wahoo and Team AMANI,” Kangangi said. “We have gone from a very uncertain future to a future where, if we work hard and perform, we can maybe create opportunities for ourselves. We see this trip to the United States as a chance to show the world what we can accomplish. “

Learn more about the fast and furious Fursa gravel team, and see the result of the Kenya gravel race below.

Update: Due to visa issues, the arrival of the Fursa gravel team riders in the United States has been postponed until 2022.

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