WETUMPKA, Ala. (WSFA) – The City of Wetumpka is shedding light on the weekend controversy that resulted in the closure and then reopening of its Wetumpka Youth Baseball and Softball League sports fields. The two sides reached an agreement at an emergency meeting on Sunday but did not provide any details at the time.

The city released a statement on Wednesday about what it calls “concerning” activities during the league’s 2022 season.

The city said it learned the league was subletting the fields to a for-profit commercial group without the city’s knowledge or permission. In response, the city requested financial information from the league in order to assess the situation and verify the legality of the league’s conduct.

At Sunday’s meeting, the city said the league told city officials that no money was being paid to a for-profit group and that the league would provide agreed financial documents.


On Monday, the league backtracked on its initial statements to the city, the city claims. The city also said it has yet to receive most of the promised financial documents.

The city said the league is a nonprofit under Alabama law and private entities are not permitted to make profits using public facilities.

“The City has a duty to ensure that all City property, which has been paid for with taxpayer dollars, is used for its citizens and does not benefit private entities,” the City said in a statement. communicated.

WSFA 12 News has reached out to Brad Cochrane, the league’s deputy softball commissioner about the city’s latest statement. He said he had “no comment at this time”.

The city said all baseball and softball activity would continue as planned for the remainder of the 2022 regular season and through All Stars.

However, the city added that after the end of the season, the city will evaluate the need for future changes in the operation of the league. It is unclear what these changes may include.

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