A new study has revealed the favorite major league team in each of the 50 U.S. states, whether they’re from the NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS or NHL. The team that appeared most often was the Dallas Cowboyswhich was named most popular in seven of the states.

Sports-Betting-NY Odds Comparison Experts analyzed Google search data over the past 12 months for all 152 major league sports teams from the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL and MLS. They looked at the number of searches each sports team received each month on average, to find most wanted team in every state.

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The team currently led by Mike McCarthy was the most wanted in seven US states: Arkansas, Idaho, Mississippi, New Jersey, New Mexico, Virginia and the franchise’s home state of Texas.

The America Team

The stats shouldn’t be surprising – the Cowboys have always been considered “America’s team.” They have amassed a combined fan base of over 16.6 million followers on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Moreover, they constantly tops Forbes list of wealthiest sports organizations, thanks to the marketing genius of owner Jerry Jones.


Despite the team’s popularity thanks to a long history that includes five Super Bowl rings, the ‘Lone Stars’ haven’t won a Lombardi Trophy since 1995.

Surprisingly, the Atlanta Braves were most popular in three states, which are Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina. The Boston Celtics, Denver Broncos and Minnesota Vikings were also the most popular in three states.