League policies: NBA: Marijuana remains banned, but the relaxed testing protocol brings the league closer to its Big Four counterparts. If a player has “abnormally high levels” of THC, this is treated as a health problem (as would alcoholism). MLB: In 2019, MLB removed marijuana from its list of prohibited substances and now treats it the same way as alcohol. Players, however, remain subject to disciplinary action for drug use or possession.NFL: The new CBA has reduced the testing window from four months to just two weeks of training camp, so players can use marijuana for off-season without fear of being punished. The threshold for a positive test was also raised and the suspensions were replaced by fines.

Where it stands: American Sports League Weed Control Policies By the Numbers: Recreational marijuana is legal in Canada and 18 states, plus DC, while medical marijuana is legal in Canada. 38 states. This means that only 22 of the 124 Big Four teams (18%) are based in states where no use is permitted:

Texas: Astros, Cowboys, Mavericks, Rangers, Rockets, Stars, Spurs, Texans North Carolina: Hornets, Hurricanes, Panthers Tennessee: Grizzlies, Predators, Titans Georgia: Braves, Falcons, Hawks Wisconsin: Brewers, Bucks, Packers Indiana: Colts, Pacers

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  • Title: What’s Your Situation: American Sports League Against Weed Policies
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