Chances for the next team to change their name

So who’s next? The Washington football team dropped “Redskins” as their name just days ago. While waiting to know their new nickname, the world of sports is waiting to see which franchise will be next to take these steps.

It’s hard to change a brand name. There are very few trademark nicknames left, and it takes a lot of work to start a whole new culture.

Yet when the social crowd wants to have you, they are likely to be successful. This is what happened to the Redskins after decades of accusation of using a racial slur as the team name.

Chances of being the next team to change their name

Team Odds
Cleveland Indians -300
Kansas City Chiefs +500
Atlanta Braves +700
Florida State Seminoles +900
Chicago Blackhawks +1200

There are four professional teams and a college with Native American nicknames. But are any of these offensive enough to see a change soon?

Let’s break it down.

Cleveland Indians -300

The Cleveland Indians are the favorites because they have engaged in discussions about possible change.

In 2018, the franchise removed its controversial Chief Wahoo logo from jerseys and caps. It is a reliable sign that the owner and the investors know there is a problem.

The Cleveland players have met with the owner to discuss the name. There is no real assumption that the conversation will lead to anything concrete, but at least the conversation takes place.

“These things don’t happen everywhere,” Indians coach Terry Francona said. “This doesn’t mean that everyone will be exactly in agreement or on the same page. This is how our world is. But when everyone listens with respect and speaks with respect, I think we have a chance to move forward with respect.

Looks like the wheels are moving.

Kansas City Chiefs +550

I don’t think this one has much value even at +550. Their nickname is not considered offensive to Native Americans. It is a name with a sign of respect.

But also, the Kansas City Chiefs just won the Super Bowl. They are trying to make history over the next decade with Patrick Mahomes leading the franchise.

Can you imagine them changing their names in the midst of one of the best winning streaks in franchise history? Neither do I.

Atlanta Braves +750

Once we hit the Braves things get interesting when betting on MLB. The franchise has said it doesn’t plan to change anytime soon. But the team has been criticized a lot because of their fans’ tomahawk chop chant when looking to score points.

However, Atlanta is a worth bet. Eventually, they may be forced to change the name, but there is no indication that this will happen anytime soon. However, at +700 I think it’s worth taking a little hit on them as the next team to change their name.

Florida Seminoles +1000

In 2005, the Seminole Tribal Council unanimously approved a resolution supporting the use of the name by the FSU. They have backed the University again in recent weeks after the Washington name change was announced.

Unlike other sports franchises, Florida State is well received by the Seminole tribe. A name change seems unlikely.

Chicago Blackhawks +1500

The Blackhawks are not changing their name. It doesn’t matter how much value punters give us here. The name of the franchise has more sentimental value than most people realize.

Owner Frederic McLaughlin was a commander of the 333rd Machine Gun Battalion of the 86th Infantry Division during World War II. The name of the division was Blackhawk Division, which was identified after Chief Blackhawk, a famous figure from Illinois.

It doesn’t go away.

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