WAILUKU (HawaiiNewsNow) – New rules in Maui will now allow spectators to return to the stands for high school sports – but fans will be severely limited.

The Maui Interscholastic League has set tough rules for fans starting this week. Only fully vaccinated parents of local team athletes are allowed to attend the games.

This means that Chloe Toma, an elder vaccinated at Baldwin High School, will not be allowed to watch her younger brother play football.

“I couldn’t wait to see my brother play his freshman year of football in high school. But now that we are not allowed to go to the games, only my mom is allowed to go. Toma said.

“It’s quite disappointing because I was really ready to cheer him on.”

Olivia Dubach, also a fully vaccinated senior at Baldwin High School, said the rule made no sense.

“It’s great that parents can go. But at school, we fill the classrooms with over 30 children. Half of them aren’t even vaccinated, so why can’t we be outside? Dubach said.

The rules of the MIL are different from the Rules of the Oahu Interschool Association that allow anyone who is fully vaccinated to attend matches.

The league said it is being particularly cautious as its members are a mix of public and private schools, each governed by their own distinctive protocols and guidelines.

“I think it’s good that parents are allowed to go at least, but I also think students should be able to go if they are fully immunized,” Toma said.

Toma and Dubach are student-athletes themselves and play for the school’s football team.

They hope the league will reconsider the matter as the number of COVID cases declines, especially since there were only two infections reported on Tuesday.

“It makes all the difference on the pitch when you’re in the middle of the game, when you’re stressed, when you’re tired,” Dubach said.

“Having these people cheering you on, even if it’s just a few more people, saying, ‘Yeah! Go! Go!’ It adds so much more. It turns you on, like really.

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