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CHENNAI: Whether you are a parent wanting to find a good trainer for your child, an athlete trying to get funding, a school willing to provide your premises for the sport, a business looking for places to park your money in As a corporate social responsibility executive, or even a sports enthusiast looking for the best sporting events in town, the Run Adam app has something for everyone.

Yeraga Selvan came up with the idea after his first business failed. “The failure prompted me to try my hand at different things, including a stint in the film industry, after which I even got involved in the Caribbean Premier League where I had the chance to interact with cricket legends and there began my love affair with managing the sport. ”said Selvan, MD and CEO of Run Adam.

“During this work, I realized that there were many international greats in cricket who were looking for opportunities after retirement and that there were so many children in India whose parents were willing to pay an amount. substantial just to see their children formed by such legends. In the end, everyone was happy, the legends, the children and the parents. ”

“When India only won two medals at the 2016 Olympics, I was very attached to it and wanted to do something. So I decided to look at the factors at the lowest and most important level – the schools. Most of them had only one physiotherapy master who trained children in all sports, many did not have a playground, and others did not have support staff. In addition, the proper records were not kept, which later became problematic for the athletes.

When the city’s schools began to prepare for the idea of ​​having a specialist to train their students, Selvan dreamed bigger. He dreamed of a platform that could connect different stakeholders and provide solutions to the issues plaguing the sports ecosystem in India.

“I approached MS Dhoni with my idea and he was very encouraging, but told me to work on some aspects. We worked on it for a few months and he launched the app in August 2018 while buying back a 25% stake on a personal basis. Run Adam has the potential to connect athletes with people who might be willing to sponsor them or even who could provide them with access to training and mentorship through more seasoned players and athletes.

“Currently, we have 14,000 users with 1,400 national and international athletes in five sports. We have 600 schools on board with over 1,500 registered coaches. Since many of these athletes do not know English, our next step is to make the app available in multiple languages ​​to improve the user experience, ”he said.

Shedding light on the struggle that countless athletes face, he said this app could help them get sponsorship for their nutrition, equipment, support staff, etc.

“I find that a lot of companies are also more open to sponsoring an athlete than ever before,” he said.

“And they don’t even have to be businesses, anyone who feels like donating to one of the causes can go ahead and do so through the app. We hope to make the lives of our athletes easier, and as an ever-evolving platform, we hope to address more and more issues over time to make the sports ecosystem much more athletic-friendly. “