Here’s why and how sports team websites should be optimized for search engines …

Sport is no longer a niche industry. While most of the commercial leagues are hugely successful in the country, things are only going to get better. An important thing needed for any sports team is fan engagement.

Because, ultimately, it is the entity that decides the fortune of a team. More fans bring in more money through attending stadiums, selling merchandise, among other business activities.

Thus, it becomes mandatory for clubs to optimize their websites, the medium through which they communicate, in order to obtain better fan engagement.

When building a sports team website, the only goal is to get as much traffic as possible. To put it better, traffic equates to more potential fans, which in turn leads to more sponsors, players, publicity and in the end, more opportunities.

A natural question therefore arises: where exactly does most of the Internet traffic come from? Simple search engines.

Indeed, 93% of the online experience begins with a search query. As a result, one should strive to get higher rankings in Google and other search engines to get better traffic.

This is where the word SEO or Search Engine Optimization comes into play. As the name suggests, SEO is all about how your website will rank higher in the search engines.

So, SEO is of the utmost importance for any website including sports team websites.

5 basic SEO rules for sports teams

Rule # 1: Always have a goal defined

Before you dive into the SEO sea, it will be helpful to define exactly what you want to achieve, as your entire SEO strategy is going to depend on it.

For example, we may want to find new players or gain more fans. Some may want to create a brand, others may want to sell merchandise directly through their website.

The next question to ask yourself is where do I want the website to rank, locally or globally?

Asking these rudimentary questions will help you better manage your SEO strategy and decide upstream which pages to create, keywords to use, calls to action on the site, among others.

Rule # 2. Use WordPress to your advantage

WordPress KreedOn
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If one asks what is the best way to improve the ranking of his website? The answer of most digital marketers would probably be to use WordPress. To support this, they will tell you why this particular website building platform is much better than its competition.

In fact, WordPress does up to 90% of your SEO work on the go. Should we say more?

The secret reason is that Google loves WordPress. At least that’s what Matt Cutts, former head of the spam team at Google, said.

In addition, the platform has an extensive list of plugins to offer, which further help improve the SEO performance of your site.

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Rule n ° 3. Use keywords

KreedOn Keywords
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First of all, what are keywords? In a way, they can be thought of as the words (or queries) that people use on search engines. Simply, the more keywords your page contains, the better the chances of your website ranking higher in search engine results.

This makes Keywords one of the most important SEO entities. In fact, just by using the right search terms in the right amounts, your site could be indexed in one of the top search results, increasing the chances of finding the right taker.

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Another important question: How do you find the right keywords?

Well, there are some specialist tools that not only give you the trending keywords but also suggest others related to them. However, to get the right keyword, you first need to know the needs and intent of your audience.

A highly recommended tool is Keywordtool.io followed by Semrush. Remember to regularly check your website’s performance on Google analytics and Google Search Console, because they will bring you valuable information.

Rule n ° 4. Content Marketing

KreedOn sports team sites
It’s not the best content that wins the race in the search engine rankings. It is, in fact, the most relevant that wins in the end. Because that’s what Google and other search engines will rank you for for a query.

As a result, marketing content is a great way for sports teams to improve rankings and gain attention. Along with that, it also helps to develop an audience and an image for your brand. We could also implement pseudo-marketing for their benefit via content marketing.

Rule # 5. Target for mobile optimized themes

It goes without saying how important it is to have fast loading and responsive mobile themes. Today more people use their phones for browsing than PCs, which further reinforces the point.

In fact, nowadays this feature has become indispensable as Google has started to punish websites that are not optimized for mobile devices.

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