NASHVILLE (WKBW) – Buffalo already had a chance to win a statement last week. They certainly grabbed it against Kansas City. Now they can avenge their worst loss of the 2020 season. You can watch it all on 7ABC Monday night!

Here are the forecasts of the WKBW sports staff:

Matt Bové:

Are invoices due for a deception game? After their huge win over Kansas City in Sunday Night Football, some might think this could be a place the Bills stumble. The Titans have given the Bills some tough clashes in their last three meetings and Monday night is unlikely to be any different.

On offense, Derrick Henry is a problem. Over the past few years, the Bills have actually done a good job of containing it, in addition to the history of stiff arms last year. If it’s a close game, you’ll lean on Henry and you never know when he’s going to interrupt a big game.

Out wide, the Bills will have to try to limit the explosive games of AJ Brown and Julio Jones. Dealing with just one of them is enough of a problem, but two notable wide receivers could be a mismatch that tilts in the Titans’ favor.

But like last week, the Titans’ defense is inconsistent, and that’s putting it lightly. The Titans are averaging 26 points per game, while the Bills are averaging 34 points per game.

If Buffalo can keep moving forward on offense, he should be able to start the week off with a win. I think it will be tight, but I’m not betting against the Bills.

Tickets: 30, Titans: 26
Season summary: 4-1

Jenna Callari:

Prime time in Nashville. Can it get better?

Bills fans have taken over Music City in hopes of seeing the Buffalo Bills not only avenge last season’s loss to the Titans, but also claim their 5th straight victory and head into the week off with even more momentum.

It’s no secret how good the Bills are and after taking an 18-point win at Kansas City last weekend, they have the chance to turn even more heads with a win over Tennessee. , a team that had its ups and downs in the first five weeks, but still seem to present a challenge.

The biggest key to this game will be stopping Titans running back Derrick Henry, who their offense relies heavily on. He’s averaging over 120 yards per game this season and has passed the 100 yard mark in the last four games. The good news? The Bills have the 3rd best running defense in the league, averaging just 78.4 yards, and when it comes to Henry against the Bills, that goes in favor of the Bills as they have kept Henry at a average under 70 yards on the field in their last three meetings.

If Henry can’t go, Ryan Tannehill will try to do some damage in the air with targets like AJ Brown and Julio Jones, if the two are ready to go on Monday night. The Bills’ pass rush has a big opportunity here, facing an offensive line that allowed 20 sacks, a league-high.

As for the Bills’ offensive, it looked like the great power unit we expected to see. With a Titans secondary who gave up six plays over 40 yards in five games, I don’t think they can keep up if the Bills are on top of their game and limit mistakes.

Tickets: 31, Titans: 16
Season record: 3-2

Adam Unger:

The Bills proved me wrong last week. If they can handle business under the lights of the City of Music, I don’t even see myself considering Buffalo opposition until December.

Patrick Mahomes was an excellent yardstick for the Bills’ pass defense; it is legitimate. There is no longer any doubt. Titans running back Derrick Henry will provide the same thermal control for the Buffalo run defense. If you have any doubts, just find Josh Norman and ask him about Henry.

The all-pro 2020 will have their fair share on the pitch. Neutralizing it is not an option. The only option is to contain it. If he can’t break the big game, the rest of Tennessee’s offense cannot function at full capacity. Safety Bills Micah Hyde is a supporter of forcing opposition to “nickel and dime” on the pitch (as opposed to dropping the big games). When you know the ball is going to hit number 22, it should rather be pennies at a time.

It may not make sense. But you get it.

The Bills have one of the best football teams. Their points differential at the top of the league proves it. And you can’t do it without elite units on both sides of the ball. Complementary football has led Buffalo to some big wins, but it can also mean that one unit bails out the other when it needs to. That is what the bills are going to have to do.

I expect some deliberately long drives from Josh Allen and his company on Monday night. Derrick Henry can’t crush the Bills if the Titans don’t have the ball.

Tickets: 27, Titans: 19
Season record: 3-2

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