In the two-minute clip, you see 10 Russian biathlon members twerking in support of shameful cadets at a Russian aviation institute in Ulyanovsk.

The women dance to Benni Benassi’s 2003 hit song “Satisfaction” inside their practice base.

In the pictures, they mimic Russian cadets, who have been criticized for a similar video.

The clip moves through different scenes, where each member performs a different task.

Some can be seen preparing their equipment, including skis and poles.

And others clean their rooms with mops and dusters.

TWERKING OUT: the athletes put on a show

Last week, a controversial video surfaced of a group of Russian air cadets, where dozens of half-naked men performed an erotic dance routine in BDSM outfits.

The video sparked controversy and sparked outrage from the university administration.

Cadet Chief Petr Timofeev has vowed action will be taken to tackle the “disgusting behavior of cadets” amid vows to found them for life, destroying their careers, backed by pro-Putin lawmakers.

But all over Russia, groups are staging “Internet riots” – imitated dance videos in support of cadet pilots, the version of which has had more than ten million visits.

Medical workers, school teachers, housewives, TV hosts and many more produced similar videos participating in the #SatisfactionChallenge, which was launched in support.

Even the normally hard-core politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky called on the authorities to end their “persecution” of trainees who only wore pilot’s underwear and caps.

“The guys were just dancing, they’re 17-18, they’re young,” he fumed.